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The Advantages of Mediation

Dawkins Mediation is a premier online mediation company. We pride ourselves on providing dispute solutions for the workplace and beyond in the modern world. You can expect fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service.

Mediation saves time and money

Mediation is far less expensive than the cost of litigation. Parties can easily spend 10 to 20 times more litigating their case compared to mediation. Mediation fees are literally a fraction of the cost and Dawkins Mediation takes an all-inclusive approach to billing. Mediation can be concluded in one or several short sessions.

Mediation is confidential and private

You don’t have to worry about the mediation becoming public. What happens in mediation, stays in mediation.  U.S. law protects mediation confidentiality, while litigation requires disputes to remain on public record.

Mediation is successful

The vast majority of cases that enter mediation are successfully settled out of court. No one loses in mediation. Mediation produces “win-win” agreements where both parties feel satisfied with the outcome. In litigation, both parties are usually unhappy with the results.

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You stay in control and find solutions for your needs

At Dawkins Mediation, we believe every situation is different and unique. Therefore, we tailor the mediation techniques to best serve you moving forward. In Mediation, it's the parties who have final say when comes to the outcome and timeline.  

Mediation maintains relationships

Litigation is adversarial which can cause escalation and ruin working relationships. Mediation provides a safe space to de-escalate disputes and encourages respectful interaction. 

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