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Dawkins Mediation

Peacemakers for the Modern World

Our Mission is to rebuild relationships through engaging communication and innovate solutions. 


At Dawkins Mediation, we pride ourselves in providing mediations with collaboration, respect and dignity. We focus primarily on workplace mediation.  However, we are happy to provide Family Reconciliation Mediation; Civil and Business Mediation and Community Mediation upon request. 

A message from Teresa...

"By considering mediation, you are one step closer to resolving your dispute while avoiding the high costs, stress, and unnecessary destruction that litigation causes. 

As your mediator, I do no choose a 'winner' and I won't take sides. It is not my role to make decisions for you. Instead, I will take a more effective approach in guiding you towards a mutually agreeable settlement. I will assist you in identifying options, promoting critical dialogue, and negotiating terms that all parties are agreeable to.


It is my goal is to create opportunities that will leave you with a signed, legally binding, mutually acceptable agreement. 

In me, you will have a mediator who can empathize with the difficulties of a conflict. I recognize that each journey that brings you to mediation is unique and I will support you throughout the process."

 - Teresa 

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