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with Dawkins Mediation

Dawkins Mediation is a premier online mediation company. We pride ourselves on providing dispute solutions for the workplace and beyond in the modern world. You can expect fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service.

Meet Teresa

Founder and Mediator

Teresa is an internationally certified mediator specializing in workplace mediations.

Prior to becoming a full-time mediator, she worked in the legal field for a number of years. Most recently as a planning prosecution officer in London, and as a legal consultant for a U.S. based company. Teresa has also worked as a licensed clinical social worker in private and public healthcare settings, which provided invaluable experience working with individuals and groups in crisis. 

Her diverse experience has made her adept at dealing with parties from a wide variety of backgrounds and business cultures. Teresa can quickly get to the heart of a case, combining her legal expertise with her personal warmth and ability to build rapport with individual and corporate clients alike.

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Online Mediation

Dawkins Mediation conducts all mediations online. We provide all clients with a short tutorial prior to mediation to ensure comfort and easy of process.


We stand apart for our response time. Because all mediations are conducted online we are able to arrange, prepare, and facilitate mediations faster than our competitors.

Memorandum of Understanding

After Mediation, we will prepare your mediation agreement and submit it to all parties for assessment prior to the conclusion of service.

Ocean Rocks

"Teresa is a highly competent mediator. She goes above and beyond to ensure that each party understands the process and structure of the mediation. Her excellent communication skills, emotional intelligence and affable personality enables parties to warm up to her and embrace the mediation process. Her experience as counsel also helps her reality check party positions in order to facilitate a settlement. I would recommend Teresa for any mediations within her field."

Raza Rashid
Phoenix Dispute Solutions Ltd

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